Jimi Hendrix: Freedom

42 da sus primeros pasos, y nada mejor que darlos libres y a puro rocanrol.

Freedom, primera canción que escuché “conscientemente” de Hendrix, pertenece al espectacular album First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, el primero de sus discos que aterrizó en la discoteca. Curiosamente, este disco, mi primer disco, es la edición oficial (de 1997) del último album de Jimi, que quedó inconcluso.

Una pena que se haya ido tan pronto.

Freedom en el almacén para descarga vía MediaFire. A disfrutar.

You got my pride
hanging out of my bed
You’re messin’ around with my life
So I bought my lead
You even mess with my children
And you’re screamin’ at my wife, baby
Get off my back,
if you wanna get outta here alive

Freedom, give it to me
That’s what I want now
Freedom, that’s what I need now
Freedom to live
Freedom, so I can give

You got my heart
speak electric water
You got my soul
screamin’ and howlin’
You know you hook my girlfriend
You know the drugstore man
But I don’t need it now
I was trying to slap it out of her head

Freedom, so I can give
Freedom, yeah
Freedom, that’s what I need

You don’t have to say that you love
if you don’t mean it
You’d better believe
If you need me
or you just wanna bleed me
you’d better stickin’ your dagger in someone else
So I can leave
Set me free


Right on, straight ahead
Stay up and straight ahead


3 Respuestas a “Jimi Hendrix: Freedom

  1. Agreat Hendrix track!
    Check out great versions of Freedom by
    Steve Lukather and Glenn Hughes

  2. I will!

    Thanks for sopping by.

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